••• SINCE 2005 •••

DANMARK is one of the main players in Europe when it come to distribution, catalog management systems and royalty accounting.
We are Scandinavia’s largest independent digital distributor with offices and representatives in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Germany, Spain, Italy and the USA.

DANMARK was founded in 2005 by Dan Hougesen & Mark Wills as a Label, Publishing and Music Production company and have since produced a handful of successful artists. E.g. The Blue Van, Natural Born Hippies, Dúné

In 2006 DANMARK DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION was added to the company providing digital distribution services to independent labels and artist all over the world.

2008 the DANMARK MEDIA division was added to the palette of companies. DANMARK MEDIA today provide the technology and accounting systems used by all DANMARK companies and other aggregators around the world to manage and distribute their content to all major music streaming and download services.


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