Our home grown dashboard ”Frontstage” offers the possibility to completely control and work with your music catalogue. It has everything you would need being an artists or label wanting to release your music digitally. Even aggregators benefit from our system and services helping them reach further, faster and smoother. Lets take a tour of some of the features and functions.

Catalog Manager

Catalog and metadata management system allowing labels, artists and aggregators to enter, import and manage their digital content. User accounts can be created with varying roles allowing single users, multiple users and multiple label accounts. The system is white label and can be branded with your company logo.

Sales and analytics

“Frontstage” Is complimented by our accounting and analytics software and technology. This technology provides thousands of artists with sales reports every month and allow labels and aggregators to import sales statements and subsequently generate royalty reports for all of their individual clients. This of cause all in a multicurrency environment with customizable detailed reports allowing labels and aggregators to account in the currency and the detail level of the specific client.

Within “Frontstage” you will also find

Daily trend reporting

On which online service have your music been streamed or downloaded today?

Daily demographics, audience, source and playlist information

The age, gender, place, location of your listeners.
Which device and OS did they use?

Analytics and reporting

Historical analytics of all past sales, streams and views.
Sales reports. PDF Coversheet incl. mini stats. and detailed text file incl. all lines.
All downloadable from within your dashboard.


Distribution engine

Exports musical content to all key services in the world including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube Music & Content ID and over one hundred more. The distribution engine is 100% automated, dynamic and customizable running in a distributed and queued architecture making it scalable and transparent. In other words the engine can process an unlimited number of releases to any shop in any required format.

Metadata quality control

We oversee and control all metadata both automated and thorugh our quality control team
We have developed software and algorithms to control the publishing of content from curated artists.

Other facts

We are able to send and receive, import, export all musical content in the industry stardard DDEX
We can import your backcatalog from basically any database or file that you can provide.
We can deliver to the services on your behalf using your own contracts.

“Fronstage” is available as a cloud based white label solutions for larger labels,
aggregators or companies looking for the perfect add on to their existing product palete.