Frequently asked questions


When will my music be available on Spotify

Spotify requires that your music is delivered at least five (5) business days before the earliest available date as specified in your release information.

Available Date

NB. Since all music distributed through DANMARK go through legality & Quality control we recommend that you prepare and deliver your releases at least ten (10) business days before the date you wish to have your music available for streaming on Spotify!

For Updates and takedowns Spotify requires at least two (2) business days before expected update or removal of your music

NB. Also updates and takedowns go through the legality & Quality control we recommend that you deliver your update or order your takedown  at least seven (7) business days before the date you wish the update or removal of your music from Spotify!

What is an ISRC code?

International Standard Recording Code
This is a unique code belonging to a sound recording.
Whenever a song is remixed or altered in another way this would call for giving the sound recording a new ISRC.

Many distributors are charging their customers for the use of these codes DANMARK is not!
If you do not have ISRC’s just leave the field blank and we will generate one for you free of charge.

Do I have to own the rights to the music I release?

You must own the rights or have been given permission by the rights owner and have your release approved by them.
This applies to cover versions, Re-mixes & for the use of sampled pieces of music, vocals, radio, film or TV samples used within your release.

Do I need to register or copyright my music before delivering to the services?

In theory your music is copyrighted the instant you composed it. You are not required to register prior to uploading your music to DANMARK.
We recommend that you register your songs with the respective organisation in your country of residence to protect your creative work.

How do I remove my music from the stores?

You can remove you music by contacting your DANMARK person and requesting a “Takedown”
Please note that it can take up to four weeks to remove your music from all services.

What is a Barcode (UPC/EAN) ?

This is a unique code belonging to your release.
These codes go under many names and can be purchased from various barcodes issuers.
Many distributors are charging their customers for the use of these codes DANMARK is not!
If you do not have a UPC / EAN / barcode just leave the field blank and we will generate one for you free of charge.

Audio files

Please be sure to meet the following specifications when preparing your audio files.

• The files must be in a lossless format
• The files must be Stereo Audio Files
• The Bit depth has to be 16 or 24 bit
• The sampling rate has to be between 44.1 and 192KHz

Cover artwork and Digital Booklets

Please be sure to have the following ready when preparing your graphical material

Cover artwork:

• .jpg, .jpeg, .png. .bmp or .tif format
• Square format – 3000×3000 pixels or more
(1400×1400 pixels is still possible however iTunes may change this at any time)
• RGB color space

iTunes Booklet: (Optional)

• .pdf format
• 4 pages or more
• Embedded fonts
• 72dpi resolution or more
• 11.00 x 8.264 inches (28 x 21 cm)
• RGB color
• Horizontal presentation
• All images full-bleed

There is an error in my release and I already delivered it. What can I do to correct this ?

Log in, make the nessesary changes and click deliver.

NB: If your release has already been delivered to the services the following changes are NOT possible.

You cannot change the order of the ISRC codes on a release!
You cannot change the number of tracks on a release!

For this to change you will have to create a new release using the already existing tracks. If you need help or more info please contact your DANMARK person 🙂


How Can I Link to My Music on Stores?

On the “release edit page” you will be able to share store links to Facebook, Twitter, email and more.
As soon as the release is available on the services the links will automatically appear.

“Create Release”

Clicking “Create Release” within your dashboard is the fastest and easiest way to get you music online !
The release wizard allows you to enter all the information for your releases easier than any other digital distribution system available to date.
The Wizard has been designed to guide you through three easy steps that allows you to get your music online.

Can I choose on which services my music will appear?

Yes, you can choose this in the final step of our release wizard.

Can I Select in which countries my music will be available?

Yes, you can choose this in the final step of our release wizard.

When I log into my dashboard I see messages. What do they mean ?

The news section could contain important information such as new services that are being added, holiday season delivery schedules, new functions within your dashboard etc. Be sure you are always up to date with whats going on within Frontstage.

Quality Control:
This section informs you about the status of your new releases until they have been delivered to the services. All releases distributed through DANMARK go through both automatic and manual quality control before being delivered to the services. If there is any issue with your releases you will be notified in this section.

How can I change my Password ?

You can change your password by clicking “Reset password” at the login screen.

Enter the email address associated with your USER and click “SUBMIT”. You will now receive an email with a link to change your password.


How to generate my sales reports

You can generate reports in 3 different formats

Full Report
Report split by Artist
Report split by Label

Download the guide here: Generate Reports

Another Artists/Band has the same name. Will this affect my royalties?

No. The unique codes allocated to your tracks and releases is used to track and pay for sales.
Please be careful though, some Artist / Band names are registered as trade marks and could therefore create potential trade mark infringements.

When do I get my sales report?

We generate sales reports on the 15th of every month.
Generally we receive sales statements & payment around two months after the date of sale. So if your music was sold in January you will receive your payment in March. Some shops report to us quarter yearly meaning that sales generated in January, February and March will be paid out at the earliest in April or May.

Whats is trends and analytics?

Under the “Perfomance” menu you will find several sub pages.

Trends give you an overview of how your release is selling on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer and Google Play stores worldwide.
PLEASE NOTE:- These figures may differ from those that appear in future sales statements. The trend reports are there as a guideline and are not necessarily 100% accurate.

Gives you an idea of who, where and on which device and/or operating system your music was listened to. (Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer)

In sources you can see from where your plays derive. Was it a user search? A Playlist, directly from an artists profile etc. (Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer)

The aggregated sum of all your sales and streams accounted and paid to date divided into the actual month of purchase or stream.

Can I see a history of my sales reports ?

Under the menu “Reports” you can find all your sales reports and see payments made.

How do I receive payments?

We pay by bank transfer.
For your payments, you need to provide us with your banking details, that are necessary for international transfers.

Bank Account Holder:
IBAN number: (European banks only)
Bank Account Number: